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Thank you for visiting 80/20's Design Resource Center. Here you will find design tools that are simple and easy to use. From this site you can download 80/20 product CAD drawings, the 80/20 Deflection Calculator, and the NEW AutoQuoterX™ Tutorial & User's Guide. (AutoQuoterX™ software CD’s are available from your 80/20 distributor.) Please direct any AutoQuoterX™ questions or problems to the FAQ & Issue Tracker pages. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us better serve your needs.



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AutoQuoterX™ Released!
AutoQuoterX™ is our all-new design tool for AutoCAD® releases 2000, 2000i and 2002. AutoQuoterX is packed with new enhancements to help you design and quote modular projects. With 75% more stock parts and the ability to add your own parts... AutoQuoterX™ will take your project design to a new level. Need to design a project using metric framing? AutoQuoterX™ has the full functionality of our metric line-up and gives you the ability to design it using fractional dimensions. Need panels on your project? Check out the new Panel Designer!
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