Tutorial - Step #1

1. The Caster

Let’s start from the ground up, and since the length of the leg is dependant upon the height of the caster, then that is where we shall begin. Selecting the caster from the catalog we see that a 2299 swivel caster has a 75-pound capacity. Four of these will distribute the load between them, for a total of 300 pounds; 50 pounds more that is necessary. This is the caster we will use, since it offers us a margin of safety.

First, go to the modified SW Isometric View by clicking the button on the AutoQuoterX™ Toolbar.

Now open the Main AutoQuoterX™ Form by clicking the button on the AutoQuoterX™ Toolbar, or by typing 82 and pressing return at AutoCAD's command prompt.

To easily find the part, enter the 2299 part number into the Search Box (Figure 2), and press the button. You will be taken directly to that part, it's thumbnail graphic will be displayed, and you will see a catalog description of the part.

Figure 2

Click the button. When prompted for an insertion point, type in 0,0,0. This location is very important, as it will allow us to take several shortcuts later, that would not be possible if we started our design at some unknown or arbitrary point in space.
Accept the Rotation of the caster, and exit the AutoQuoterX™ Main form (Figure 3).

Figure 3

The caster should now appear as it does in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Measure the distance between the center point of the "Swivel Radius" arc, and the insertion node located in the stem. It should measure 3 inches. This is the nominal working height of this caster. Move the leg and the caster to floor level by entering AutoCAD's MOVE command, selecting the center of the "Swivel Radius" arc as the Base Point, and typing 0,0,0 for the To Point. The caster should now appear as it does in Figure 5.

Figure 5

This finishes setting the location which will simplify the entire drawing process by allowing you to know exactly where certain parts are located in AutoCAD® from the WCS Origin.




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